Monday, May 3, 2010

Before & After Makeup

Before & After Makeup

For Nadia, I wanted to give her a Hazy/Smokey Eye with a Nude Glossy Lip. She has these big gorgeous eyes.. She can definitely pull off any look. Stay tunned for new upcoming looks on Nadia.

Tanya - I decided to do a natural look since she hardly wears any makeup. I focused on lightly contouring the exterior of her face, and lightly created a bridge on top of her nose. For the second look, I wanted to try something that she would normally not do. I created a smokey purple eye and applied wispy lashes... Lips were subtle. Tanya was excited about her sultry eyes.. I thought she looked stunning!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Desert Shoot

Desert Shoot - Apple Valley, CA
This was one crazy fun shoot.. We had a large crew with us. Five photographers, stylist & owner of D'Arte boutique, Three models, and myself "makeup artist". The idea was to shoot on dry grounds, but we were continously hit with windy sand storms, it was not a pretty sight... We were filthy covered in dirt. We decided to drive away from the dry lake to an abondon house which worked out great! There was so many creative looks... from trendy fashion to a bridal look.